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VE Studio is an event space conceived from the ground up to meet the challenges of digital communication in a changing world.

Housed in a modern 3200sqft warehouse facility and comprising three distinct event zones, the Studio allows for virtual and hybrid events to take place in a safe, controlled and socially-distanced environment.

Control centre for producing the live video streams.

We provide clients with the support and technology.

With the ever-increasing demand to improve the experience of online meetings and events, we provide clients with the support and technology to bring online events to the next level and produce outstanding results for your remote or hybrid event. Offering a complete range of services and packages, the team has a wealth of experience delivering great results across the corporate, healthcare, education, and public sectors.

The Studio offers a versatile model through any of the three main spaces

any combination of the three or a custom configuration of the entire space. Whether the requirement is a virtual town hall, summit, online conference, webinar, product launch, music promo or film/television production - the Studio can be adapted to the event.

Main Studio

  • 12.8m (42ft x 10ft) ultra-wide, high brightness digital video projection backdrop
  • Large multi-function studio floor space of black Harlequin high gloss
  • Stage lighting and control system
  • Comprehensive digital audio solution – wireless microphones, foldback systems
  • Standard 3 x 4K camera set-up with video director and floor manager
  • Broadcast quality graphics and playout

Pod Studio

  • Versatile, customisable video display backdrop
  • Ample space for socially-distant, smaller stage groups
  • Studio lighting package
  • Complete Audio system
  • Standard 2-camera set-up
  • Lower third graphics and video playout

Green Screen Studio

  • All-in-one virtual studio based on Unreal Engine 3D graphics technology
  • Compelling, photorealistic results
  • 3D virtual studios and environments
  • Virtual camera system
  • Complete Audio system
  • Broadcast quality graphics and playout
Panel for Irish Examiner's Property  & Home Live in the VE Studio

Each event zone offers its own scalable package of technical facilities

allowing each client to produce a tailored, targeted event that can work to any technical requirement. Incoming and outgoing internet connections coupled with platform-agnostic hardware and software systems allow the Studio to connect to any social media, online video or digital communications platform, as well as to secure video, audio and data networks.

Panel sitting in the VE Studio Live
View of the control centre in the VE Studio while producing a Live Stream

Multiple-camera set-ups along with state-of-the-art digital projection

visual and audio technology combine to create interactive live content in ways are fully customisable and unique to each client’s event. Pre-recorded material and graphics/presentation material can be coupled with live Studio camera feeds and real-time incoming video & audio from remote sources (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, others) to allow for limitless creativity in the produced event or project. Events can be pre-recorded, recorded as live or ran completely live-streamed.

Connection to the client audience is established through any chosen platform

with real-time Q&A, polling, audience interaction and analytical data available to be integrated live into the event or used afterward to build relationships, enhance marketing and develop business.

Example of a Webinar hosted by VE Studio for Cork Harbour Economy

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